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Welcome to Açai Jungle Bowls Cafe, where our passion for the Brazilian super berry is contagious!  We began sharing our love for the perfect Açai Bowl back in 2005 through the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community after an adventurous trip to Brazil, then in 2012 from an Ipanema style beach stand in the heart of Burbank to share it with the rest of you.  In the beginning of 2015 when we got the opportunity to start our cafe, we knew exactly the experience we wanted you to have.  


It is only one of the most nutritious and delicious foods you can get your spoon in!  Yap.  We start with scoops of pure organic frozen açai berries. Then we top it with your choice of banana, granola, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond slivers, cacao nibs, coconut shavings, bee pollen and goji berries!  If you are not familiar with most of those, don’t worry, we will fill you in on all the great benefits of having a spoonful of some of those too.  Have an Açai Jungle Bowl for a snack or a meal with no guilt.  Chances are you will not be consuming anything all day that will be as healthy and full of nutrition as an Açai Jungle Bowl.



We wanted to create a space where you can unwind or get together and socialize while having great tasting food that’s also really good for you.  A space with great vibes, soothing and soulful music, calming design and friendly service.


+Açai bowls became a favorite back in 2005 due to its great taste and amazing health benefits.  We serve the highest quality pure Açai paired with some great toppings.  The way we love to enjoy it.  We don’t blend our Açai bowls with other fruits or juices so what you are tasting is a true Açai bowl.  Its organic, vegan and delicious!                                            

+Bulletproof Coffee is our personal favorite coffee not only for its smooth taste but also for its very high quality.  The coffee is grown in very high altitude single estates in South America, hand picked and put through a special roasting process to eliminate micro toxin growth, making it really tasty and low acid.  No more jitters or headaches!  You can have it black or with grass fed butter and MCT oil for maximum brain function and performance.  We also make a refreshing cold brew and a mean raw and vegan coffee shake using Bulletproof Coffee.

+Our sandwiches and salads are packed with flavor thanks to our chef extraordinair.  Merging high quality, fresh and nutritious ingredients with bold flavors with every diet need in mind. The Vegan Quinoa Kale, Chicken Pesto Panini & Portobello Mushroom are some of the favorites.  What about breakfast you ask?  We will hand craft the best egg sandwich you have ever had, so fluffy and juicy, with Gruyere cheese, tomatoes and avocado.

+Smoothies made to perfection with tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and more.  Get the Açai Smoothie for energy through the day sweetened with dates.  The Kale Power Greens is super refreshing and high in protein.  And for fun?  Our Tropical Paradise is every kid’s favorite with strawberries, mangoes, coconut.  Yum!  

+Bulletproof Coffee Shake and Matcha Green Tea Shake got you covered wether you do coffee or tea.  High quality coffee and tea as their base, made super creamy with cashews. The coffee shake is scrumptious with bits of cacao nibs and the green tea shake soothing with aromatic lavender.

+Art of Tea offers so many wonderful flavors, it was hard to decide which ones to offer but we are very excited about our selection.  From bold Earl Gray to calming Camomile, hot or iced, you will love every sip.

+ Desserts are last on the list but always exciting and innovative.  We make almost everything in house from our vegan and raw chocolaty Date Balls, Hazelnut Protein Squares, Peanut Butter Blueberry Cakes to our mouth watering oven baked Brioche Banana Bread Pudding.  

 Serving healthy & flavorful gourmet food & drinks with options to satisfy all diet needs.   


We have put lots of thought into the design and function of the space from soothing and clean colors, beautiful flood of natural light though our huge windows, energizing plants inside and throughout our outdoor patio.  The tiles hugging our counter were an exciting part of the decor made of cement and hand crafted with design that tie the tropical tribal to the new and now.  We have chosen our music to make you feel at ease but with a lot of flavor and soul from Brazilian, African, South American and European artists. Special light bulbs have been chosen to add to the whimsy and help maintain a healthy circadian rhythm for a good night sleep.   

We hope you will stop by to experience our cafe soon!

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